Actuarial Memes

What better way to make fun of the actuarial world than by creating actuarial memes?

Below, you’ll find a selection of memes that I couldn’t include in my actuarial comedy books due to copyright issues.

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The Missing Memes

When I wrote my first comedy book, Confessions of an Actuarial Tutor, I sought copyright permission to include the three memes below.

Sadly, it seems from their replies (or lack of reply in Universal Studios case) that the movie studios take a dim view of such mathematical use of their films.

But whilst they are missing from my book, at least they will live on here.

Actuarial Tutor subtack memes

Whilst I post actuarial memes on Twitter and LinkedIn, the reality is that these are unlikely to show up in your timeline (something about algorithms choosing popular rather than niche posts).

Hence I created an actuarial meme substack which sends these memes via email.

Due to the wonders of technology (and 4 hours of cursing and swearing trying to make it work), you’ll find below the last 8 posts from my meme substack. Click on an image for the full size.

Small talk...
Live scenes from IFOA Examiners...
If cats were actuaries...
Actuarial Obi-Wan Kenobe
Happy Actuarial Halloween
The most actuarial boys name?
Actuarial Oppenheimer
Excel "I see the light" meme & sneak peek

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