Actuarial Resources

Welcome to my rather bare resources page.

Due to my contract with my employer, I am limited in what actuarial resources I can offer here.

However, I will producing videos on a basic introduction to statistics (A level equivalent), Exam P/FM preparation, general R explanations and statistical proofs.

And finally, I’ll will be attaching some summary sheets of key statistical results.

John clearly knows his subject inside out, and gives much enthusiasm and energy to what would otherwise be quite a dry, long day.

John is possibly the best tutor I've ever had at any point in my life - his knowledge of the subject is unrivalled, and his explanations and insight were invaluable.

John's enthusiasm was great - the time flew by because he was quite funny.

I liked how John linked real life example to the content he was teaching - it made it much easier to digest!

John was excellent, very knowledgeable and passionate in teaching.

John was a very good tutor, enthusiastic and takes time to ensure students understand thoroughly.

John makes tutorial fun and engaging, whilst conveying tricky concepts in a clear way.

John is a fantastic tutor and a credit to ActEd. If I'd had lecturer's like him in university, I'd be doing a PhD now.

John is quite possibly certifiably insane, but is undeniably a brilliant tutor.

John is the best tutor I have had to date. He is personable, takes the tie to really explain things in a way that you'll understand.

Cross Reference Grids

These IFoA Cross reference grids give the topics covered by the exam questions for April 2000 to September 2018.

formulae sheets

A CM1 formula sheet covering the Day 3 formulae from Chapters 12 to 16.

Maths Shortcuts in Word

The IFoA exams are still currently online – which requires typing messy maths in Word. This document will show you some handy shortcuts to save you time.

CS1 & CS2 Paper B